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Epraise is designed to do three things; motivate students, engage parents and save teachers time. Although recognising achievement is at the heart of much that we do, we are far more than a replacement school rewards system.

Over the past 9 years epraise has continued to aid in the transformation of schools through features such as leaderboards, digital badges, certificates, clubs & activities, the shop, draws, charitable donations, marksheets, homework tools, parents' evenings, messenger, interventions and seating plans. We consider ourselves highly privileged to work with such a talented group of schools that are inspiring the young minds of today.

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Why us?


Whether you have a technical question or just need a bit of guidance, we’re on standby to help if you need it. We know that great service makes a real difference to our schools and we pride ourselves on being the best.


We know what we’re talking about! Our Director has been a teacher for over 10 years, which means we have a greater understanding of how schools operate and the different challenges they face from budgets to behaviour.


We love hearing from our schools. From Tech Support to Teaching Assistants our schools know that they can approach us and they’ll always be received with a friendly and warm welcome.


Epraise has become what it is today because we work with our schools to create new features that meet their needs. Every suggestion we receive is taken seriously no matter how big or small (although we can’t guarantee that we can do them all!).


Deciding how to improve or implement a rewards system isn’t always an easy task but our aim is to make sure you can easily achieve your goals and create a real community feel in your school.


Sometimes you just need to run an idea by someone. If you’re thinking about using a new feature or want to find out how to design your own badge then just ask. We’re generally full of good ideas and helpful advice.

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The important questions

What is a school rewards system?

School reward systems are where students are awarded praise points (sometimes known as house points, stars, stickers, postcards, merits or commendations) for doing something well. This might be for working really hard on a piece of work or based on something like extra-curricular involvement, attendance, grades or sticking to the school rules. Often students are then rewarded in some way based on how many points they have received with something such as a voucher or a school trip.

Why is epraise the best?

We believe there are several things that separate us from our competitors, but at the heart are two things - our platform and our customer service. Great customer service means not waiting hours for a response, speaking to someone knowledgeable and getting an answer quickly. A great platform means things are easy to find and use and the platform is constantly evolving with new features and improvements released throughout the year.

How well does epraise integrate?

Our MIS link, which works with SIMS, CMIS, Progresso, Bromcom, iSAMS, Integris, Arbor and more means your school data can be updated automatically every day. Our AD/LDAP, Google Apps and Office 365 links make logging in easy. Our APIs mean that you can display our graphs, charts and leaderboards on your screens around the school and on your website. In short, we care very much about making epraise easy to integrate with everything you do.

Can the system monitor negative behaviour?

Our system is also great at recording negative behaviour and is incredibly easy to use for analysis. You can decide whether negative behaviour will deduct from student points or not. 'Demerits' are given out in the same way as points so it only takes two seconds to record them. Demerits can be used in conjunction with interventions for things like detentions and phone calls home. Our schools love how easy it is to track statistics on demerits and interventions by individuals, tutor groups, year groups and categories.

Can epraise fit in with our house points system?

Although many schools start from scratch when they begin using epraise, we have designed the system to work well with existing achievement structures or procedures you already have in place. It's very flexible and most features can be switched on or off as you wish. You can customise it to do what you want - for example some schools use it for house competitions, other schools don't use houses at all. Epraise can either compliment or replace any existing school reward system and you get to decide exactly how you want it to work.

Can we have a demo login?

We would love to show you around our site so you can get a feel for what epraise is capable of. Get in touch and we'll arrange a time to give you a tour via a phone call or Skype.

We don't believe in the 'hard-sell'. Our demonstrations take just 20-30 minutes of your time and you're under no obligation whatsoever; it's just a chance for you to have a look around and ask any questions you might have.

″Epraise is amazing value for money and the customer service is outstanding!″

We know that schools are having some tough times at the moment, so we want to help. We work on prices that are fair to schools and still allow us to provide you with a fantastic service. Compared to many of our competitors, we're often less than half the price and that's the way we want to keep it, so we're sensible with the money we do make and pass those savings on to you. Want to find out how much it is? Click below!

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  • SIMS
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  • Bromcom
  • iSAMS
  • Progresso
  • RM Integris
  • Pupil Asset
  • ScholarPack
  • Arbor
  • Google Apps
  • Office 365
  • Active Directory